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Shipping issues

Regarding Shipping

Why has my order not been shipped for a long time after payment?

If you encounter a similar issue, you can contact our customer service through the online chat feature, and we will assist you in resolving the problem.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. The reasons are typically one of the following:

  1. Our customer service representatives are busy handling various user order requests, including complex ones such as purchasing on behalf of customers and recharging. If several customers simultaneously raise complex requests, such as transactions in games or payment issues, it may temporarily cause a backlog in customer service. However, this process generally does not exceed 20 minutes. If our customer service representatives overlook your situation for more than 30 minutes due to their busyness, please file a complaint in the complaint section on the right side of the website. We take every customer request seriously. ANTNUM Digital Overseas Platform has a zero-tolerance policy towards neglecting customers.

  2. If your payment has not resulted in a shipment after 30 minutes, it is likely due to issues with your payment that require our review. In such cases, we will typically notify you via email or through your commonly used QQ to communicate what has happened and resolve the issue together. The so-called "payment issues" can be caused by the following reasons:

a) Incorrect payer name on the payment platform. For example, if you mistakenly enter "feng zahng" or "xio wang," there is a possibility that the payment platform will not approve your payment. This is because you cannot verify your identity with the payment platform if the name on your ID does not match the name on the payment platform.

b) Large payment amount. If your payment exceeds your usual payment habits, such as making a sudden large payment for items you have not purchased before, or if the payment country has changed, or if you make a large purchase for the first time, we will need to contact you personally before shipping. This is because ANTNUM Digital Overseas Platform is responsible for ensuring the safety of customer payments. The payment platform will also conduct relevant reviews. If there is an issue with a payment, such as a customer reporting to the payment platform that a payment was made fraudulently, the payment platform will inquire about the risk control measures taken by ANTNUM Digital Overseas Platform regarding that payment. Therefore, out of consideration for the payment platform and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we need to conduct a certain level of review for suspicious payments. ANTNUM Digital Overseas Platform cannot become a tool for hackers to launder stolen funds and will never tolerate hackers harming the interests of our customers.

c) Incomplete or incorrect order information. If the purchase information you provided is insufficient or incorrect, our customer service representatives may not be able to complete your order. In such cases, our customer service will contact you to request additional information to complete the purchase.